Insurance for all

Who we are

We are an insurtech firm that is here to deliver insurance that is people-first, easy to understand, simple to use, fairly-priced, honest and relevant. We are always looking for newer, smarter ways to eradicate inefficiencies - time-consuming processes, unnecessary middlemen, fine-print - using cutting edge design and technology.
We make insurance accessible
We believe that everyone should have access to affordable insurance that’s simple, painless and honest. And we make this happen by working with partners who share the same vision.
We make insurance desirable
Tap into our team of experts to build relevant, value-driven insurance products that will win over customers and open new revenue streams into Southeast Asia’s growing insurance market.
We make insurance simple
Our agile innovation process makes building and managing insurance products a breeze. Just provide the platform, and we’ll bring the tech.

Insurance today

“What about the people who can’t afford insurance?”
"Why do people find it hard to trust insurers?”
“Can buying insurance be less painful?”
These were our first questions in our early days. The results? Igloo transit insurance and Igloo gadget insurance, each giving thousands of shoppers and mobile phone owners peace of mind.

But there’s work to be done. And that’s why we continue to ask the same questions today. The future of insurance is just beginning. Come build it with us.

Our technology

Our insurtech infrastructure is powered by artificial intelligence and big data, giving customers the power to choose protection that matches their lifestyle - and a great claim experience.
Partner-friendly API
Integrate insurance products into your technology system with ease.
Reducing response time, and improving customer satisfaction.
Dynamic pricing model and real-time risk engine
Our dynamic pricing model and real-time risk engine ensure that customers enjoy competitive rates on their insurance and get value-for-money.
Smart claims management system
Claims are the heart of an insurance product. Our smart claims management system makes claims submission transparent, fair and fast.

We build with the best

Backed by leading VCs