We build the future of insurance

What we believe in

Insurance for all.
We want to give people the freedom to pursue what matters the most to them in life and the confidence to take risks. Because they know that they’re covered.
Make insurance accessible and affordable using data and technology.
We exist to give people the insurance that they deserve. Insurance that’s simple to use, painless and honest. Insurance that’s people-first.

Our milestones

  • Founded by former Grab CTO Wei Zhu as “Axinan” (to mean “peace of mind and heart”), with the mission of making insurance accessible for all through technology.
  • Established our business model and tech base, launched our first partnerships and acquired seed funding with 10 employees.
  • Facilitated close to 10 million policies.
  • Rebranded to “Igloo” with a Vision of 'Insurance for All'.
  • Spearheaded commercialisation with product, regional and channel expansion.
  • Market validation: Raised Series A and A+ funding.
  • Expanded operations to Thailand and the Philippines.
  • Secured combined General and Reinsurance license issued by Labuan Financial Services Authority (Labuan FSA) in 2019, as well as a digital brokerage license in Indonesia in 2020.
  • Grew team to 80.
  • Facilitated close to 55 million policies.
  • Focus on operational excellence.
  • Expanded operations to Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • 100+ employees.

Meet the team

Wei Zhu
CEO & Founder

Our intrepid leader and insurtech evangelist, Wei brings over 20 years of experience working with the top dogs of the tech world. Formerly CTO of Grab, he was part of Facebook’s pioneer engineering team and spent 8-years with Microsoft prior to that. He’s partial to the occasional game of pool. 

Jack Xia
Chief Actuary
Responsible for Managing risk with some help from machine learning and predictive modelling. A fellow of the Society of Actuaries and Chartered Enterprise Risk Analyst.
Raunak Mehta
Chief Commercial Officer
Resident rainmaker responsible for building partnerships and business channels. A veteran of the technology scene hailing from Flipkart and Zalora.
Roshan Mahtani
Chief Financial Officer
Responsible for everything to do with fundraising and keeping our investors happy. A former M&A banker at BDA Partners, KPMG Corporate Finance and Greif & Co.
Sandra Ernst
Chief Operating Officer
Greasing the wheels across strategy, operations and compliance and ensuring our standards are best-in-class. Banking vet, previously COO and Founder CEO at CardUp and Smartfunding.sg.
Nic Jenkinson
Director of Product
In charge of all things customer experience, design and product strategy. A professional in technology based product management across automotive, supply chain and e-commerce industries.
Ke Liang
Chief Technology Officer
Tinkering with technology and trying to answer questions that begin with “what if…”. Formerly founder of Fissionworks, CTO of Eatigo and Head of Engineering at Grabpay.
Makki Kusuma
Regional General Counsel
Ensuring business model and partnership compliance with local regulations and simplifying the legal jargon. A corporate lawyer and former Legal and Operations Director at Avrist Assurance.
Amitabh Singh
Regional Head, Intermediary Platform Services & Country Manager, Malaysia
Driving Igloo’s Malaysia business across business partnerships, operations and business development. An industry vet with two decades of experience in the insurance and banking sector.

Backed by leading VCs

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Map of the countries that Igloo Insurance is operating in as a leading regional Insuretech company.

Asian presence

At Igloo we continue to grow throughout Southeast Asia.
We currently have offices across 6 cities in Southeast Asia, with expertise and capabilities spanning commercial, insurance, product, marketing and customer service.

We work with close to 30 partners across Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia in e-commerce, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance & Lifestyle industries to deliver over 10 product lines to consumers in the region.