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What we believe in

Insurance for all.
We want to give people the freedom to pursue what matters the most to them in life and the confidence to take risks. Because they know that they’re covered.
Make insurance accessible and affordable using data and technology.
We exist to give people the insurance that they deserve. Insurance that’s simple to use, painless and honest. Insurance that’s people-first.

Insurance today

“What about the people who can’t afford insurance?”
"Why do people find it hard to trust insurers?”
“Can buying insurance be less painful?”
These were our first questions in our early days. The results? Igloo transit insurance and Igloo gadget insurance, each giving thousands of shoppers and mobile phone owners peace of mind.

But there’s work to be done. And that’s why we continue to ask the same questions today. The future of insurance is just beginning. Come build it with us.
Map of the countries that Igloo Insurance is operating in as a leading regional Insuretech company.

Asian Presence

Join us today.
We currently have offices across 6 cities in Southeast Asia, with expertise and capabilities spanning commercial, insurance, product, marketing and customer service.

We work with close to 30 partners across Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia in e-commerce, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance & Lifestyle industries to deliver over 10 product lines to consumers in the region.